October 2020

#SOTTSDC After Salon, #PrinceTwitterThread: Sign O’ The The Times, #SOTTSDC, All of It with Allison Stewart, and Sounds from the Other Side by Elliott H. Powell

#SOTTSDC After Salon!

Some of you mentioned #SOTTSDC was too short. For those of you who want to take a deeper dive, join us for the next 3 consecutive Saturdays beginning Nov. 07 from 11am-2pm EDT on YouTube and Facebook simultaneously for a virtual #SOTTSDC After Salon!

What is a salon? It’s an informal gathering (often in someone’s living room) of old and new friends engaging in intimate and stimulating conversations.

IF you want to join in on the conversation, come through my virtual living room and hang out with me and my friends who are ALL music heads aka purple nerds to continue to discuss Prince’s Sign O’ The Times Super Deluxe Box Set. Yes! We are still celebrating!

Oct 24 - SOTT Vault Tracks 1

#SOTTSDC Virtual After Salon: Vault Tracks 2 feat. me, author C. Liegh McInnis, Ivan Orr of Grown Folks Music, Nicolay of The Foreign Exchange, Arthur Turnbull of The Music Snobs & MadUnreal podcasts, and Ricky Wyatt of Grown Folks Music.

Oct 31 - SOTT Vault Tracks 2

#SOTTSDC Virtual After Salon: Vault Tracks 2 feat. me, author C. Liegh McInnis, Nicolay of The Foreign Exchange, Arthur Turnbull of The Music Snobs & MadUnreal podcasts, and Ricky Wyatt of Grown Folks Music.

The remaining #SOTTSDC salons are:

  • Nov 07 - SOTT Vault Tracks 3

  • Nov 14 - SOTT Live

  • Nov 21 - SOTT Super Deluxe Box Set Rollout (Packaging, Prince Estate Event and Podcast, Etc.)

I hope you’ll consider joining us!🍑 +🖤

Sign O’ The The Times

The #PrinceTwitterThread is a curated series by Edgar Kruize and Deejay UMB. Sign O’ The Times is their 4th #PrinceTwitterThread. I was honored to be selected to discuss, “It’s Gonna Be A Beautiful Night.”

To read the previous #PrinceTwitterThread series, visit Edgar Kruize’s purplepicks.net.


MASSIVE thanks 2 EVERYONE who attended #SOTTSDC live on 10 Oct. 2020! We felt your love, energy, and positivity. I hope U experienced some light &💜 ! For those of U who couldn't it's not too late 2 experience the "real fun." U can find all of the videos on the event website or YouTube, as well as this thread.🍑+🖤

#SOTTSDC Speaker Bios

To read all of the bios of the speakers visit the event website at: http://sottsdc.polishedsolid.com

The original #SOTT30BK roundtable reunited for the 5th time since 2017!

MASSIVE thanks & 🙏🙏🙏🙏 to my brothers in Prince:
Zaheer Ali, Anil Dash, Miles Marshall Lewis, and Elliott H. Powell!!!! 🍑+🖤

#SOTTSDC Utrecht Live Show Roundtable

MASSIVE thanks & 🙏🙏🙏🙏 to jooZt Mattheij of PrinceVault, Nicolay of the Foreign Exchange, Harold Pride & Arthur Turnbull of The Music Snobs & Mad Unreal podcasts!!!!🍑+🖤

#SOTTSDC Madhouse Live Roundtable

MASSIVE thanks & 🙏🙏🙏🙏 to Dr. Fink of The Revolution & the Madhouse touring band, Edgar Kruize of #PrinceTwitterThread, Jason Orr of Funkjazz Kafé & Ricky Wyatt of Grown Folks Music!!!!🍑+🖤

#SOTTSDC 1987 NYE show @ Paisley Park Roundtable

Part 1 of 2 (the first 25 min):

Part 2 of 2 (the final 54 min):

MASSIVE thanks & 🙏🙏🙏🙏 to Atlanta Bliss, Dr. Fink of The Revolution, Eric Leeds, and Michael Dean of the Podcast on Prince! 🍑+🖤

#SOTTSDC YouTube Playlist of ALL the Videos

IF you want to see all the #SOTTSDC videos, as well as video from the previous polished solid events #DM40GB30 #Batdance30ATL and #Lovesexy30BK visit my youtube playlists: https://www.youtube.com/c/polishedsolid/playlists.

The Original 2017 #SOTT30BK Roundtable

To see where this all started, watch the original 2017 #SOTT30BK roundtable!

On 2 Oct. 2020, I did a short segment on All Of It With Alison Stewart to discuss Prince's Sign O' The Times Super Deluxe boxset. MASSIVE thanks to WNYC for the invitation!

You can listen to the audio archive here:

In The Works

I hope you'll join us in 2021 for the 3-day #1plus1plus1is3 symposium to celebrate:

💜 40 yrs of Controversy,
💜 30 yrs of Diamonds & Pearls, &
💜 20 yrs of The Rainbow Children.

To be in the know about the upcoming #1plus1plus1is3 symposium, sign up for this newsletter or follow me on Twitter!

In the meantime, keep #SOTTSuperDeluxe on rotation. It's going to take a while to marinate on everything!

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I would like to congratulate Elliott H. Powell on his forthcoming book, Sounds from the Other Side: Afro–South Asian Collaborations in Black Popular Music, being released in November. Please join me in congratulating him at https://twitter.com/ehphd!