September 2020

#SOTTSDC EventBrite, Purple Paisley Brunch: The Brothas of The Park, Graffiti Bridge Rock And Roll Globe article, Prince And Popular Music Book Review, and Prince #DM40GB30 Virtual Symposium Video

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🍑 + 🖤 2: A Virtual Sign ‘O The Times Super Deluxe Celebration #SOTTSDC

I am EXTREMELY excited about the Super Deluxe treatment of one of the greatest albums by anyone of all time, Prince’s Sign O’ The Times. Several folks asked me to create a virtual event around the release and I complied.

EventBrite registration is now open for Peach + Black 2: A Virtual Sign O' The Times Super Deluxe Celebration (#SOTTSDC) on Saturday, October 10, 2020. The event will be free on Facebook and/or YouTube. This is not a symposium. This is a celebration!

The event is a work in progress. For the soft launch of the #SOTTSDC website, you will find a tentative schedule. Speakers and their bios will be posted throughout September and October.

A very special thanks to Rev3rend for the design and illustration for the event.

The Purple Paisley Brunch Presents The Brothas of the Park

The Purple Paisley Brunch (PPB) is an annual event created by Tonya Giddens, Founder of Bklyngurl Productions, an event planning company that specializes in private events in the New York City area. This year, PPB is going virtual and will be presented in multiple parts.

I was elated to be invited to moderate the first two panels, Purple Paisley Brunch: Ladies of the Park Parts 1 & 2 on Saturday, July 18, 2020, and Friday, August 21, 2020, respectively, which both featured Sueann Carwell, Jill Jones, Ashley Tamar Davis, and special guest Jerome Benton.

I am excited to be invited back for a third time to continue the conversation with The Brothas of The Park, Jerome Benton, Wally Safford, and Greg Brooks, but most of all to celebrate Jerome Benton’s birthday on Friday, September 19, 2020, from 8-10 pm EDT. You can purchase tickets here via Zoom.

30-year Graffiti Bridge retrospective for Rock And Roll Globe

Graffiti Bridge is 30 (Art: Ron Hart)

In this article for Rock and Roll Globe, I am grateful for the opportunity to further reflect beyond the #DM40GB30 symposium about 30 years of Graffiti Bridge!

#DM40GB30 shoutouts to Anil Dash, Monique W. Morris, Arthur Turnbull, and, of course, Jill Jones in the article! I wish I could have highlighted everyone who participated in the symposium, but I didn't want to lose focus on the album!

Prince And Popular Music: Critical Perspectives On An Interdisciplinary Life book review in UK music monthly Record Collector

I was surprised and delighted to discover my essay, “Under the Cherry Moon: Prince as His Most Authentic Self,” highlighted, alongside the brilliant Twila Perry, in this book review by Jason Draper (who released his own Prince book in 2016) for Prince And Popular Music: Critical Perspectives On An Interdisciplinary Life, edited by Mike Alleyne & Kirsty Fairclough in the September 2020 issue of UK music monthly Record Collector.

Prince #DM40GB30 Virtual Symposium Video Archives

There’s still time to celebrate 30 years of Graffiti Bridge before Sign O’ The Times Super Deluxe’s fever pitch peaks upon its release. Graffiti Bridge deserves purple love, too!💜😊 Watch all of the Graffiti Bridge presentations from #DM40GB30. The video archives have been posted. There are only a few incidental videos left to post in order to have a complete archive. A very special thanks to Arthur Turnbull of The Music Snobs and Mad Unreal for all the video editing!🙏💜

The first Graffiti Bridge presentation panel from Saturday, June 13, 2020:

“Sistas in the Temple: Exploring the Presence of Black Women in Prince’s Art & Life” by Kamilah Cummings.

“Articulated Manners: Exploring the Imagery of Love in Graffiti Bridge” by Monique Morris

“Graffiti Bridge: Prince’s Sacred Triumph over the Profane” by Erica Thompson.

“The Prince Nightclub Cinematic Universe” by Scott Woods.

The first #DM40GB30 Graffiti Bridge Presentation Panel Q&A with moderator D Simmons Jendayi.

The second Graffiti Bridge presentation panel from Sunday, June 14, 2020:

“Reconsidering Graffiti Bridge: Music Video Aesthetics as Narrative Glue” by Kirsty Fairclough

“New Power Style: Graffiti Bridge, Bodywear & Self-expression” by Casci Ritchie

“Zoot Suits and New Jack Swing: Morris Day’s Dandyism in Graffiti Bridge” by Karen Turman

“The Class Consciousness of Graffiti Bridge” by Robert Loss

The second #DM40GB30 Graffiti Bridge Presentation Panel Q&A with moderator C. Liegh McInnis.

#DM40GB30 was a 3-day virtual symposium, celebrating Prince for 40 yrs of Dirty Mind & 30 yrs of Graffiti Bridge, on June 12, 13, & 14, 2020 that De Angela curated and co-produced. You can find a recap of the schedule, alongside speaker bios & abstracts on the symposium website at

The video archives are posted within the #DM40GB30 playlist on my YouTube channel. Subscribe to get notified when the last batch of #DM40GB30 videos are posted, alongside the upcoming #SOTTSDC & future #1plus1plus1is3 video archives. A massive thanks to Arthur Turnbull for all of the video editing.

The Estate of Prince Rogers Nelson is not affiliated, associated, or connected with the ‘Prince DM40GB30 Symposium,’ nor has it endorsed or sponsored the ‘Prince DM40GB30 Symposium.’ Further, the Estate of Prince Rogers Nelson has not licensed any of its intellectual property to the producers, advertisers, or directors of the ‘Prince DM40GB30 Symposium.’

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